Emergent Benefits, LLC Establishing Wellness in the Workplace

Increase your productivity and your bottom line.

Well known, national studies have shown that employers who promote wellness oriented work environments benefit from reduced absenteeism, among other advantages, such as improving employee productivity and morale.  Emergent Benefits, LLC offers customized, comprehensive wellness programs.  

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We can provide you with several completely customizable options that deliver everything you need to develop and implement a results-driven wellness program.  Simply fill out the form below to get started and we will respond promptly.  

Diet and Nutrition

We will give you access to informative newsletters, brochures and workplace posters you can promote and distribute to your employees.

Health Screenings

We will negotiate with carriers to provide on-or-off-site health screens for annual flu shots, blood pressure checks, heart condition or cancer screens and more.

Physical Fitness and Exercise

We will help you promote physical fitness through programs such providing gym memberships and/or exercise coaching.

Other Wellness

We will arrange and negotiate with professionals to conduct programs such as smoking cessation, substance abuse help, financial wellness seminars and more.