HR Compliance Services

Effective solutions to help you keep up with compliance regulations associated with your benefit offering.

Avoid costly compliance errors by asking us about the documents, notices, and disclosures we provide as a part of HR consulting services.

Following is a further sampling of specific communications, legal notices, forms and filings we can assist you with, which are often considered to be top audit omissions.

ERISA Services

-Customized wrap document
-SMM and SAR
-Record Keeping
-5500 filings
-Monitoring reports
-SPD, including hospital length of stay for newborn and mother

COBRA Services

-Initial notice and enrollment notification and assistance
-Collect premiums
-Assist with claims
-Monitoring reports

HIPAA Services

-Ensure proper authorizations are obtained for release of any Private Health Information (PHI)
-Ensure employees’ information and claims are kept HIPAA-protected in compliance with HIPAA
-Monitoring reports for employers

Other Compliance

-CMS reporting (for those employers who provide benefits to retirees and Medicare recipients)
-Section 125 administration

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